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There are not many repair techs out there with as much hands on experience as me. I went to school in 1990 for HVAC and electronic board repair. At the time, I was selling cell phones and never ended up using my diploma in the HVAC field but found myself helping my customers with their phone repairs. Soon after, I had the opportunity to own my own chain of Verizon Wireless Retail stores and I did so for almost 20 years. We always had customers who would damage their phones but were not eligible for new phones so I always helped them out by repairing their phones for them. Then one morning, I got a phone call from Verizon Wireless saying they didn't want independent dealers and immediately closed all of my stores. So without a job and a well needed skill, I decided to open as a phone repair shop. To help me get started, I started selling vapor products for extra income. Little did I know, vapor products would become quite popular and was now a business by itself. So this is why we are located in Ace Vapor.